Block Party Success, Passing the Baton & New Meeting Place!

The Block Party was a success in many ways. It was apparent that a great deal of thought and preparation had taken place… from the food where the fish was incredibly delicious, to great prizes, the wonderful DJ… fun games.  In the ping pong arena, my brother got some stiff competition from a 12 year old!!!  Stay tune next year to see if this state champion will be defeated by this promising young man!!  Face painting was quite creative and, yes, even the Fire Department and the Police Department got in on the fun.

I wish to thank Councilman Chris Hilbert, the City of Richmond, Lt. Christopher Gleason and the Block Party Planning Committee under the direction of Danene Brown for all of their hard work. It was a moment to reflect and be thankful for our wonderful community and the ‘coming together’ to appreciate one another and send a message that Edgehill Civic Association and its community has some exciting times ahead!!

I’m also taking this opportunity to thank all of you who have been supportive under my 5 year tenure as President. As of September 1st, which is the beginning of our fiscal year, Danene Brown will begin her Presidency.  See under the ‘About’ menu page to view all of the remaining officers. We are excited to have you Aboard! We Welcome You!

Let’s come out on, Tuesday, 6pm, September 23rd,  Brook’s Diner, 1600 Brook Rd,  and support the new officers and our Community. Remember, a community that is ‘together’ sends a message that we are working together as a community with our neighbors, maintaining a strong, united voice with our City, and beautifying and celebrating our wonderful neighborhood.

Also, ‘Many hands make light work’.  So much can be accomplished when ‘many’ show up with eager and positive ideas AND willing to devote a little time to realizing these ideas!!!! Thank you again for your support and we will see you under the leadership of our new officers on Tuesday, September23rd!!  Stay tune for further details from your new and upcoming President!!  Danene’s ECA e-mail address is  Also, check us out on Facebook!

Best Wishes,
Erika Wheeler, President  (Sept. 2009 – August 2014)
Edgehill Civic Association
“A Caring Community”


One response to “Block Party Success, Passing the Baton & New Meeting Place!

  1. Thank you, Erika, for your time and energy devoted to ECA!

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