Public Meeting regarding the VCU-CHoR/VTCC parking lot expansion

A public meeting will be held to discuss the scheduled construction of a parking lot as part of the VA Treatment Center for Children (VTCC) plan on the VCU-Children’s Hospital of VA grounds.  This impromptu meeting was called between Edgehill Civic Association and VCU-CHoR/VTCC representatives after concern that the the location of this future parking lot was in question.  The site plan notes a “future parking expansion” on page 4 (see attached).

All concerned residents are invited to attend as this may directly affect the landscape of our neighborhood properties, both in aesthetics and value.  Our councilman Chris Hilbert and VCU-CHoR/VTCC representatives will be present.  This may be your final opportunity to raise concerns and collaborate with VTCC as they move forward with construction!
Who:  Concerned residents, our Councilman, and VCU-CHoR/VTCC representatives
When:  Wednesday April 1, 2015, 6pm
Where:  4th Police Precinct, 2219 Chamberlayne Ave (limited parking, please car pool)

Thank you and hope to see you at the meeting!

Danene Brown
President, Edgehill Civic Association

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