Daily Archives: December 17, 2015

Food Outreach Ministry: Dec 19th

Food Outreach Ministry Dec 19th (and every third saturday of every month) between 11-1pm at Resurrection Lutheran Church, 2500 Seminary Ave, Richmond VA provides hot meals to the Edgehill Chamberlayne Ct community.  This outreach has been going on for more than 60 years and feeds volunteers, the homeless, or if you’re just hungry with a home cooked wholesome hot meal.

The church would also like to thank those who continue to drop food and clothes at our door and hope you will continue to support all outreach efforts for the Edgehill Chamberlayne Ct community.


Animal Community Center Fund

Check out the GoFundMe page (link below) and consider donating to the Animal Hospital and Motel in our neighborhood!

Animal Hospital and Motel was the first 24 hour emergency veterinary service to open in the Richmond, Virginia area.  Dr. Hiram Pritchard D.V.M. took a brave step into uncharted business territory by remortgaging his house and opened the door to his business in 1957.  Growing up during the Great Depression, and serving in WWII, he served the community with an “old school” mind-set, which is almost nonexistent in modern society.  He generated his business’ reputation through word of mouth within the community, and had a loyal customer base that has been with him for 20 + years.


Shiver in the River: January 30th, 2016

The executive board of Keep Virginia Beautiful (KBV) is inviting you, your friends and coworkers to get involved with their 2nd annual Shiver in the River event on January 30th. The Shiver in the River is where they challenge fun-loving Virginians to participate in the Community Cleanup, the new 5K Run/Walk, the James River Jump…or all 3.  Go to www.ShiverInTheRiver.com to learn more or sign up a team.  Shiver in the River is a great way to start the year!