District 3 Councilman Chris Hilbert Campaign

Hello neighbors of Edgehill Chamberlayne Court Civic Association!

Disclaimer: ECCCA does not endorse any particular councilman/mayoral candidate.

District 3 Councilman Chris Hilbert will be running for City Council again this year and has asked for your attention.  He is hoping to meet with you to discuss his re-election effort and to hear your questions/concerns.  He welcomes a “coffee with Chris” event for a small group so that he may discuss his platform in person– if you are interested in hosting such an event, please reach out to him!  Also, if you’d like to participate in door-to-door campaigning, he would like to hear from you!  His e-mail is Chris.Hilbert@Richmondgov.com.
For now, if you are in support of Mr. Hilbert’s re-election and would like to display a campaign sign in your yard, please e-mail edgehillcivic@gmail.com  with your name & physical address.  Once the signs come in, they will be delivered to you!  
Thank you!

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