Standing Committees

Edgehill Civic Association maintains 6 standing committees. The current Chairperson for each is in parentheses. Please contribute to these initiatives.

1. Membership (Ms. Maria Medas): Encourages and devises ways to attract, retain, and increase membership. Hospitality falls under this committee and provides seasonal appreciation gifts to our civil servants and shut-in members, acts as a Welcome Crew for new neighbors, and acts as a liaison for those in need.
Ms. Medas can be reached at

2. Program (Ms. Stephanie Regrut, Mr. Harris Wheeler): Includes initiatives to engage our neighbors and the City to uphold our goal to remain safe, beautiful, and family-friendly neighborhood. This committee includes fundraising, youth outreach, beatification projects such as tree planting and neighborhood clean-up, and events such as the block party.
Ms. Regrut can be reached at or 804-615-0724.  Mr. Wheeler can be reached at or 804-475-4561.

3. Safety (Ms. Betty Miggliacco): Responsible for bringing awareness of safety to our community. Invites local civil servants to speak at our meetings/events and collaborates with the Community Monitoring Chairperson to bring awareness of local safety concerns.
Ms. Migliacco can be reached at or 804-329-2828.

4. Nominating (Mr. Gary Flowers, Ms. Valerie Parker, Ms. Stephanie Regrut): Accepts nominations from the membership for the future Executive Board. Presents a slate of officers for the next fiscal year at the January meeting.
Mr. Flowers can be reached at

5. Community Monitoring (Ms. Zaneera Hassan): Receives and disseminates information via socaial media, eg, website, Facebook, and Nextdoor.  This includes information such as, but is not limited to, future ECA meetings/events, local events, City announcements, lost pets, and services offered.
Ms. Hassan can be reached at or 703-864-3656.

6. Auditing: Responsible for auditing the financal books of ECA and providing support to the Treasurer in creating a budget for the fiscal year as instructed by the ECA Bylaws.