Why become an ECA member?

Edgehill Civic Association keeps you informed about issues that have a direct impact on the community such as storm preparation, proposed zoning changes, real estate concerns, and information about local businesses, schools, and churches. This information may be distributed by way of printed guides, meetings, Facebook, and/or this website.

Edgehill Civic Association promotes security for the residents of this area. Not only are our meetings held at local businesses or institutions, but the Police Department provides in-person, detailed reports about crime in our area and crime alerts at each of our meetings.

Edgehill Civic Association organizes projects that reflect a better quality of life and security. We band together to fight crime and situations that could jeopardize our community’s well being. Bi-annually, we organize a joint effort with the City of Richmond to execute major clean ups for the fall and spring, and various beautification projects (planting new trees to replace missing or old ones, tree and sidewalk maintenance, holiday decorating around our entrances to the neighborhood). Edgehill has held fundraisers and annual block parties as a way of bringing the neighborhood together.

Edgehill Civic Association Is A Caring Community aiming to support the neighborhood in a caring and hospitable way. We introduce ourselves to and welcome new neighbors.  The Association has made a concerted effort to stay in touch with the sick and shut-in. The organization continues to expand its efforts to care for and bring a sense of togetherness to our community.